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Giovanni Losani created the first LOSANI knitwear laboratory in the prestigious Della Penna Palace in 1940. Nowdays Paola Losani and her team conduct the Company with enthusiasm. Her creative and international mind blended with her working experience and her love for travelling, help her to create innovative ideas for Lamberto Losani fashion collections.

Although Paola constantly travels around the world, she loves her hometown, Perugia and she believes the valorisation of environment and handcraft are two of the most important factors for the Company’s wealth.

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Lamberto Losani
Lamberto Losani
Lamberto Losani


Only at the beginning of the last century in France, cashmere was used initially for underwear. In the 20's COCO CHANEL and JEAN PATOU showed the world how such inimitably beautiful cashmere knitwear could be done. Thus, the cashmere knitwear industry began at its highest level. This is how cashmere fibers’ triumph began. Italian spinning mills were especially distinguished for the purity, uniformity and fineness of the fiber they spun. It was the excellent water quality of these regions that made the difference and is still so today.

Why a Cashmere product is so valuable depends on many factors. Apart from selecting the best yarn, a factor which determines the price of cashmere products is also the uniqueness and scarcity of the raw material, because only about 5% of annual fiber production accounts for wool, animal hair and silk. Cashmere goats ship yearly only about 5 500 tonnes worldwide. Just by this you can tell that not everything which is called cashmere is cashmere, because the quantity of cashmere knitwear on the market exceeds the theoretical amount. High-quality conditions determine the value of cashmere yarn: The length of the fiber - The fine undercoat of the cashmere goat is the raw material from which such a cashmere yarn is made.

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